For a bespoke poem, I write to order – you tell me what you want and I produce it.  Whether it’s a poem for your mum’s birthday, a speech or a business presentation, even an ad… whatever you want, all you have to do is give me the details and I’ll produce4you original, personal verse. 

First, I’ll need as much information as possible e.g. who it’s for, what it’s about, the tone e.g. humorous or sad… The more details I have about the person/occasion, the easier it is to get right.

I’ll email you a form for these details, but if you wish, I can also ring you to find out further anecdotes, mannerisms etc. This will help to make the poem more vivid.

As an experienced journalist/feature writer who has interviewed many people, including Prime Ministers and celebrities, I’m used to asking questions. Some may not seem relevant but they do help the final product.

These details remain confidential and are only for the purpose of writing the poem. 



Short poem (up to 12 lines)  – £75

Standard Poem (16 to 28 lines) – £100


Short speech – £65

Standard speech – £100

Business verse costs from £120  (depending on requirements)

Once I have all the details, I’ll have your poem/speech will ready within one to two weeks. However, if it’s an emergency, please let me know. I can write something overnight if necessary


Some poems are Ready to Buy. 

I can personalise these poems at no extra cost e.g. by adding a name or a date.

To buy a poem or speech, go to my Etsy shop or my online shop –


Terms and Conditions

Produced4you retains the copyright for all writing and artwork. You can ask for your poem not to be published on the website or blog or for your name to be hidden.

Refunds: Personalised items are usually non-refundable but if for any reason you’re unhappy with the finished product, please tell us. We want you to be really pleased with what we’ve produced4you.


In compliance with the new EU privacy regulations, I will only use your personal details to fulfil orders, communicate about orders and for legal reasons. You’ll find my full privacy policy on my Etsy shop.


Produced4you is a limited company (no:  536264). The company was registered at Companies House, Edinburgh on 24.5.2016.

Our address is 10 Orchard Park, Giffnock Glasgow G46 6JJ  

Please address any company correspondence to