About Victoria, the writer 

I used to be a journalist on national magazines (and won two major awards for my writing). It was a great job, interviewing all kinds of people from pop stars to Prime Ministers as well as ordinary people with an extraordinary story. I went to movie premieres, to prison (to interview a murderer), to beautiful places on location (like Bermuda). I wrote about everything, from health to homelessness, and edited a mini magazine at the start of the magazine revolution when long reads became short, punchy pieces.

A publisher then asked to write the authorised biography of Senator David Norris, a major Irish politician, who would later run for President. I loved the experience (and the man himself) and was about to write another (while doing a PhD in creative writing) when my spine collapsed from unexpected, undetected and early osteoporosis. 

Although I’d never go to work again, I learned to enjoy what I could do. I’d always written poems for friends and family so Produced4you was born. Intended as a small hobby, while I wrote a novel, it kept growing. After framing the poems for gifts, I was asked to write speeches. Then came cards, some with poems, others illustrated by a young, talented artist.

We (my family) have exciting ideas for the future, but the aim is always to produce the very best quality and give great customer service. We make it personal. Each customer and every product is special whether it’s a card or a customised poem.

You can find our products on this website as well as at the Etsy shop, and you can also keep up with new poems and news on Facebook.

Meanwhile the journalist in me hasn’t gone. I write a Blog with opinion poems (and a few personal ones). Some are rants, some humorous.

It all comes down to this – I  love writing, especially if it’s for someone.  




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