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My rhyming poems make original, thoughtful gifts. Some are framed, ready to give and can be personalised with a name or date:

I also write bespoke poems, which are completely personal – written especially about a person/occasion and in a suitable style e.g. funny, sad, serious… They can be framed, with a choice of colours:

        or printed on a scroll: 

I write speeches in verse too. Best Man at a wedding and you don’t know what to say? Presentation at work? Don’t worry. Give me the details – I’ll help by asking you questions – and you’ll have a rhyming speech that will wow everyone. (And as it’s rhyming, it will be easier to remember.)



I also have cards:  humorous:           or serious:                      

As an award-winning former journalist and author, I can write whatever you like in verse. Just tell me what you want and it will be produced4you!


Go to My Story to find out more about what I can do for you and read about my background as a journalist and author. Look at Poems and Speeches to see examples of what I’ve done for others, and take a look at the blog for my opinion poems.  

I have lovely responses from customers which you can see on Praise.


So to sum up, this is what I do (in verse of course):

A birthday or new baby
To say sorry or well done
Anniversary or wedding
Or say ‘I love you’ to someone

A few lines for a card
Or a poem to make mum cry
A best man’s speech in verse
Or a leaving do good bye.

It can be funny or sad
Any length, any style
Personal, original
I’m really versatile

Just tell me who it’s for
With lots of information
And I’ll compose a one-off piece
It’ll be a real sensation.

Just get in touch and tell me
What it is you need
And we’ll produce4you
A fantastic gift indeed